Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
A hyperscaled library at Buchmesse Leipzig

Brand Space
Peter Schmidt Group, 2014
Bernd Vollmöller, Holger Schardt, Creative Direction
Alexandra Fukazawa, Design
Timo Erdmann, Project Management
Expotechnik, Construction
As Designer in the Corporate Design team I have developed different communication concepts according to the client’s brief. In the realization process my focus was on refining the final design concept and the creation of the book renderings.
Furthermore I was deeply involved in the final artwork production of the extensive graphic walls.

At book fair Leipzig, the german public service broadcaster ZDF hosts live the popular tv format "Das Blaue Sofa" together with its partner Bertelsmann and Deutschlandradio. The 600sqm booth with a temporary tv studio, seating for audience and a stage for interviews with well-known writers is located in the center of the impressive glass dome – the most vivid spot right at the entrance to Messe Leipzig.

Within scope of a comprehensive evolution of ZDF’s Corporate Design, the given brief for this specific physical touchpoint was to foster the booth’s impact in this lively surrounding. Furthermore creating an adequate and appealing experience for a bibliophilic audience yet not excluding any of the partners.

Staging the show’s heros

The conceptual idea was to stage the heros of "Das Blaues Sofa" – the books. Shelves with hyperscaled books in same proportions of its small original counterparts create an atmosphere of a walkable library thus the perfect meeting point for the bibliophilic fan audience.

Analog books, digitally

The book graphics for the extensive walls were created with Cinema 4D. The focus for the visualization was on an authentic three dimensional impression from the visitor’s point of view by adjusting perspectives and shadows. Furthermore detailed texturing and a warm color grading with orange highlights underlined ZDF’s new friendly brand tonality.

A true-to-scale paper model helped during the design and coordination process with the allocation of graphic areas and the simulation of visual axes.
The spatial concept has been reused several times at Buchmesse Leipzig and shaped the ZDF’s brand perception at the fair – and also OnAir.