Unnamed client
Staging a new learning platform

Brand Space
Hauser Lacour, 2018
Stefan Hauser, Managing Partner
Felix Kopp, Creative Direction
Roxana Raschidi, Art Direction
Cordula Mack, Project Management
As Art Director I have developed the spatial idea in terms of look and feel, materials, communication style and zoning. In the realization process I was involved in supplier management and the finalartwork of exhibits and graphics.

For an internal roadshow the given brief was to create a unconventional experience for a company’s initiative. Buzzwords like »War of talents, Softskills, Life-Long-Learning, Serius gaming, Distance learning, Augmented Reality, Teamwork and New work« need to be adressed towards an executive audience.

Spatial concept

The scenographic idea for staging the room was to create an atmosphere of a sporting playground as metaphor for the competetive challenges in the future war of talents. Tartan material from the running track, flooring from the gym and wooden surfaces – inspired by today’s common co-working spaces – create an energetic and unsual spatial experience for an executive audience.

Sporty and bold typography

Bold typography and strong statements – as known from the world of sport – welcome the visitor and communicate the key topics and facts regarding future recruiting, life long learning and employee development.