A minimum viable brand for a data-driven start-up

Hauser Lacour, 2017 – 2019
Maik Hofmann, Managing Partner & Strategy
Alicia Lucha Farina, Junior Art Direction
Cordula Mack, Project Management
As team lead design I have developed design concepts, supervised branding scenarios and worked on the final branding in terms of fine-tuning basic design elements, final artwork of design assets and the logo animation. Furthermore I developed the website concept, the design and supervised its implementation.

Cyreen developed a data-driven technology which enables advertisers to display relevant inspiration right at the point-of-sale and furthermore track its efficiency by collecting data-insights. The start-up wanted to refresh its identity in order to foster the impact in communication with potential investors and business partners.

Logo and Colour

The logo visualizes the customer journey at the point of sale. The siren, a symbol of seduction from Greek mythology, serves as the company's namesake. Together with a precisely selected range of red nuances the startup’s logo results in a strong and energetic identity.


The landingpage introduces the start-up's idea and the smart minds behind the consumer-centric technology. In the future, the website will be successively supplemented with additional content and features, thus accompanying the growth of the business.

Customer Pattern

The analysis of purchase behavior and movement patterns based on anonymous data is the essential yet invisible core of Cyreen’s technology. Graphical grids represent the collected data sets and work a keyvisual.