Making an attitude visible and tangible

User Experience
Hauser Lacour, 2015 – 2019
Stefan Hauser, Creative Direction
Maik Schwarz, David Gilbert, Strategy
David Welbergen, Nora Welbergen, Art Direction
Florian Reußenzehn, Programming
After a strategy and draft design process I took over the design lead and worked on the branding’s finalization in terms of developing corporate design rules, defining basic design elements and rolling-out the sophisticated printmedia. Furthermore my responsibility was to fine-tune and finalize the website drafts across all pages, supervise its programming and the content creation of photographer and editor.

No fast money and growth, sustainable business development with respect for the company’s identity instead. Obermark does not see itself as a broker of companies, but as a responsible owner. Obermark’s attitude – characterized by sense, simplicity and sustainability – is made clear and tangible in its visual identity.

The name comes from Obermark Strasse in Kobern-Gondorf on the Moselle – this is where the founder’s parents lived. The concept: the most profitable companies are where you least expect them to be.

Branding of attitude

Clear typography, warm high-quality materials and subtle print finishing underline Obermark’s positioning. A desaturated color range, carefully selected and subtly refined materials communicate Obermark‘s attitude and love of detail.

Responsive Website

The website with clarity, authentic photography and open interviews gives an impression of the motivation, the world of ideas and the beliefs of the company owners. Black and white keyvisual pictures create an uniform impression of the different hidden champion companies — the message: Each company is equal from the investor’s view.

Authentic portraits

Portraits of company founders, executives and employees show the people behind the success. Detailed texts, written by Brandeins magazine editors, figures and authentic, non-retouched photography show how the companies came to stand out in their niches as hidden champion.