Branding the vision of a new business thinking

2016 – 2019
In iterative steps I have developed and extended the brand design and communication touchpoints according to the client’s need. From temporary logo, to naming, to print-media and powerpoint templates, to infographics with illustrations and the brand launch finally. The website concept, design and programming with Bootstrap and Wordpress was done in a budget efficient 3-week-sprint.

Hugues Chatelain, the brain behind SocietyVision, has the ambition to transform today’s business models from a profit-focused to a more society-focused thinking by creating cooperations between companies and foundations.

The branding and communication media, like website and broschures, were developed in several iterative steps along the client’s needs and budget.

The simple wordmark, written in a friendly typeface, is contempletated by the picture mark which visualizes metaphorically the concentric circles of an impulse triggering change and rethinking.


The website follows a simple structure and presents itself clearly, confidently and sympathetically the approach of SocietyVision's business model. A dedicated journal section makes it possible to publish in-depth content and thus fill the site with life.

Explaining illustrations

A simple, friendly and modular illustrative style with an isometric perspective helps to explain the envisioned interplay between companies, non-profit organisations and society.

Abstract icons

The starting point for the development of SocietyVision’s visual identity have been icons, which abstractly represent eight core principles – the manifest – of the business vision.