Showroom of a biking start-up

Brand Space
Hauser Lacour, 2016
Timo Erdmann, Project Management
Innovatrio, Production
As Art Director I have worked in close collaboration with the client and developed the spatial concept and designed the product trays in its shape and functionality.

The Frankfurt based Start-Up Cobi.Bike – today part of Bosch E-Bike – moved to a new office space. Taking over the existing spatial elements and furniture the approach was to develop a cost-efficient minimum viable showroom which on the one hand stages the brand and on the other presents the innovative and well-though product with its huge range of extensions.

Spatial intervention

Given brief was to turn the start-up’s office into multipurpose space with a showroom and to make the innovative biking product accessible for customers and biking enthusiasts.

Product trays

Modules made of edged and painted metal present the Cobi.Bike products as well as optional features. The Product and Feature Trays are a flexible and cost-effective way of presenting the products in the showroom, at trade fairs and also at the POS at the bicycle dealer.